Jan 102017

It wasn’t all that long ago that Stay At Home Dad’s were rare.  Granted, they are still not the norm, but they are more common and accepted.  When I became a SAHD full time out of necessity, I was always looked at as a failure.  What did I do wrong that I could not be a useful member of society.   Some people still think that way.  Even last night, and it is now 2017, I was asked how work was going.  I said great!  I am less of a babysitter and  more of a taxi driver now that the kids are growing up.

Yes we are not the norm but we still make an impact.  My kids know who I am, I know who they are and one of these days they will be gone off on their own, but they will still have a connection that is stronger than me just being their father.  Of course I am going to promote SAHD’s on this site, and that is in NO way diminishing the role of the mothers, or even advocating for all dads to stay at home.  Mothers are so important in kids lives, as are Dads.

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Apr 192017

You know, kids today have it easy.  I know that makes me sound like an old guy, but it is true.  Technology and empowerment have made it easy for kids to do whatever they feel like whenever they feel like it.  I don’t really agree with it all.  There are people who now micromanage their kids like crazy.  They use their phones to constantly check in on the kids and make nearly every decision for the kids.  It is disappointing and frankly, dumb.

My wife and I have been raising our kids to make some decisions for themselves.  They are able to be trusted when going to the mall.  They can go to school and not be called or texted every 13.7 minutes to find out what they are doing.  My daughter has a friend whose Mom calls or texts her nearly every 15 minutes… and get mad at her for not responding right away, even when the girl is in class!  It is ridiculous.  It is excessive.  My kids don’t even have cell phones.  that makes us mean parents I guess, but they don’t need to be tethered everywhere!   Heck I only have a basic phone that, hold on to your hats, just makes calls.  and it is pre-paid.  and I don’t call everyone all of the freaking time.  It is funny how people assume that everyone texts and has a smart phone, and gets irate when you won’t give them your cell number.  My landlord absolutely hates the fact that he can’t text me.  The lady registering my daughter at the hospital the other day nearly had a coronary because I would only give her my home phone number.  Where I am at 87% of the time. Continue reading »